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Old 09-14-2008, 11:58 AM
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Licensing of Insurance Agents - Buyer ALWAYS Beware

OK. So I am going to post something here that I tried to post on another forum site but it quickly got taken down for what in my opinion is politics but hey, what does my opinion matter right? What I am posting below is all factual information and not my opinion or perogative, just facts. The only thing in here that is my opinion is the advice I provide at the end of how to check out an agent or agency.

There is an agency that is soliciting watercraft insurance in states in which it is not licensed. A new client of mine gave me some first hand information that I can not divuldge.

As an insurance agent/broker it is our ETHICAL, MORAL and LEGAL obligation to be licensed as a non-resident agent/producer in states which we solicit insurance. This means that in order for an agent/agency to even provide you with a quote, he/she/they must be licensed in your home state as a non-resident agent/agency. You can check the license status of an individual or agency by going to your state's Department of Insurance website. There is always a look up or search tool to find licensees. If you can not find the license in the database, then ASK THE AGENT FOR A COPY OF THEIR LICENSE! Don't take any excuse. The license needs to reflect the following things for them to legally sell you insurance in your state:

1. Needs to be in the name of the AGENT and or AGENCY. NOT THE INSURANCE CARRIER. The licensing of an actual insurance company is different.
2. Make sure the license is within valid effective dates. The websites bring you up to date status.
3. If an agent can't produce proof... DO NOT USE THEM. Your Department of Insurance can not protect you if you use unlicensed agents/brokers.

The whole point of having an insurance agent LICENSED in your state is so that the particular agent has to abide by the laws and regulations of your particular state, in teh end, protecting you as the consumer.

I am very forth coming with information regarding our company's licensing as it is posted in black and white on our newly designed website: www.wakezoneinsurance.com

So, the next time you're calling around for quotes, make sure the agent is licensed in your state even before picking up the phone.

Just some words of advise to protect you as the insurance "consumer".

I will not and can not divuldge the name of the agent soliciting business illegally, that would be unethical on my part.

I simply encourage you to be your own advocate and do some research first.
Stacy Shute (Hanlon)

The NO LIMITS Insurance Agency
866-728-9757 ext 101
Wake Zone Marine Insurance Brokerage, Inc. - CA License 0H05075
For an online quote: www.wakezoneinsurance.com
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Old 09-30-2008, 05:50 AM
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Welcome Stacy, sounds like JJ and company did some editing for you!
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Old 09-30-2008, 06:17 AM
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Thanks for sharing!
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