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I think we are about 99% there
We have the prices and menu pretty much set
It will be about $130 per couple [ catain & mate ]
This gives you 1 large thermos tote bag, 2 eventshirts, a mini
flash light , 2 meal ticket [ the meal will be fabulous ]
A bunch of prize ticket , prize give a ways, as a special added
perk to those buying as a couple you get a special
RED CHECK PRIZE CARD present this at the toy dock and
receive a special gift [ realy worth having….]
And $75 per single 1 large thermo tote bag 1 event shirt
1 mini flah light ,1 meal ticket, and a bunch of prize tickets
Please make sure you get in on the fun . The price is the same no matter what kind of boat you drive Allison or zx donzi no mater if your boat goes 15 mph or 150. We all pay the same price. Extra meal tickets $20. Ask whats on the menu….?
get it wet and go fast
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