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Originally Posted by insurancegoddess View Post
Over the years people have asked me where they could insure their boat (CAT OR VEE) after it went over the 130mph mark, I would always send them to Markel, however, Markel only writes up to a certain speed, I think the maximum is 145mph through the ultra performance program; however, I could be off on that. That is just what I have been told by my Markel underwriter.

So...I am proud to announce that my agency has an EXCLUSIVE program for all the "out of the underwriter's box boats" that are out there. Basically, my agency can now insure ANY boat out there. No declinations (99% of the time)

Our carrier is willing to write the extreme go fast boats (V-Hull and CAT Hull). First let me say, that this program is geared towards those people that are over and above the speed thresholds of the current performance carriers out there, THE PROGRAM ISN'T CHEAP and isn't meant for anyone looking for a deal. It is meant for the people who own boats with top speeds capable of over 140mph that understand that insurance for speeds above 140mph is expensive but they need coverage.

Here are some highlights of the policy:

- No maximum horsepower
- No maximum speed threshold
- Coverage available in ALL STATES INCLUDING FLORIDA*
- For both CAT and VHULL BOATS
- ACV only
- Windstorm coverage available
- Age minimum of 24 depending upon experience.

Again, this program is not for those looking to shop their insurance, rather those of you who have been declined because your boats are either too fast or too old & fast etc. This is the place you go when you can't get insurance elsewhere. If you have a boat that you need insurance on, please call me to discuss. Not every boat/operator is going to be considered acceptable. As always we can only write in states in which we hold a non resident license in., which is mostly all states with the exception of a few northern & eastern states (MT, ND, SD, ID, RI, VT).


Stacy Shute

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WAKE ZONE = top notch
Stacy it was a pleasure dealing with you and thnx so much helping Pinky get the I's dotted & T's crossed on the Insurance paperwork even on a Sunday .

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