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Originally Posted by Davidmnc View Post
You guys must be one of the longest continues operating Ford dealerships in the country. Do you know of any longer?

Originally Posted by Blue Oval View Post
Took us years to get a copy of these from a old neighbor of my Grandfathers. Our dealership was built in 1917, not very many pictures of it after all these years. My Father bought our dealership in 1972, but we still operate out of the original dealership. Sorry to bore you with old pics, but I thought they were pretty cool!
Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
I believe Tenvoorde Ford in St Cloud Mn is the oldest ford dealer started 1903
Originally Posted by Blue Oval View Post
Don't know who the first person is, the 2nd man was Mr. Grey. Mr Grey in his later years had a party store across the street from my fathers gas station. From what I remember of him he must have worked into his 90's, he was really really old.The man working on the engine was my Grandfathers neighbor, all the pictures came from him, a grandson brought them in.
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