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Hahahaha don't hold you breath on me! I got everything together,surveyed, insured for $850 a full year with Foremost, binded and ready to go - sent all the paperwork to Essex Credit with the approval letters on July 1st... get an email on the 2nd saying its too late to get it done that week. Ok. Finally email them on July 9th asking whats up? The package had to go to their underwriting to get buttoned up...last week. No answer. Again on the 11th. No answer. Yesterday afternoon I sent an email to their upper management asking about it. No answer. Boat owner asking whats going on? I have ... wait for it... no answer. I have my downpayment money, my survey, the boat is insured in my name as we speak, and I haven't gotten any reply in any form from the people who approved the loan and required I do all of this. Trying not to loose my cool, but NO, I still do not have the boat.
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