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MillerTime, the govt owns the lake. So youre not allowed to have a dock or any property on the lake unless the govt has their hands in it. Also there are 4 ramps on the east side of the lake. 2 north and 2 south. Of the 4, the public is allowed to use 2. Of those 2, depending on the weekend youre lucky to find a parking spot for truck n trailer. Dry storage is nice not having ro worry about any of the hassle. Just make a call and your boat is in a slip within an hour until you tell them to put it back in storage. Come winterizing time, the local merc shop goes and grabs the boat, winterizes it and returns it for itnto be stored for the entire off season.

They do not use forks or any form of hoisting. The all use tractors for putting boats in and out. Lake Mac out west is our biggest and nicest lake. But for that drive i may as well head to the ozarks. Idk why, but you dont see many boats with twins or in the 30' range very often. But when something big and loud comes out youll know it bc everyone around you looks like thwy just saw godzilla creep out the depths
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