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So i got a question.....there is a lake in Nebraska that has a rack storage setup?
I mean, i haven't been to every lake or marina in Oklahoma, but we have big name lakes here, Texoma, Grand, Eufaula and such, but very few if any that can fork boats.
I mean, by looking at google maps, it just doesn't look like very many larger lakes. (Looked like 1 that i could see zoomed out).
Maybe im not understanding how this is working.
Are these people forking the boats on to a trailer every time and then parking the trailer? If so why? Why wouldn't they back the trailer in and load? And or why would you not just load it yourself and put it in storage? I mean, this isnt a large boat, i could see the guys running 40'+ boats have a marina launch and load like performance boat center does.
Just curious. I don't see us ever using someone else to do this kinda thing at a lake, but maybe its just me. Now ocean, i can see with the salt water.

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