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ShopSurfer 05-19-2018 12:56 AM

ChevyII Nova SS TT LS
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I let my brother drive my LS Single Turbo Mustang. He found out pretty quick that his 875whp Mitsubishi Evo VIII was just not going to cut it. So about 2.5 years ago we drove up north where he bought a 1964 Chevy II Nova SS. Solid car for sure. Came with damn near every single oringinal part, a lot of the oem parts that were removed the guy saved in storage. SCORE! Attachment 170413Attachment 170414Attachment 170415

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ShopSurfer 05-19-2018 01:07 AM

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Nothing about the car he bought was screaming 9, 8 second 1/4 miles. So a couple weeks of getting bored with a worn out sbc, the teardow had begun...Attachment 170417Attachment 170418Attachment 170419Attachment 170420Attachment 170421

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ShopSurfer 05-19-2018 01:18 AM

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To catch everyone up to its current stage and skip all of the boring stuff. 2 years later and moved into a new house, the Nova is now at the stage where even though its on stands and not running, your jaw still drops. A lot of time has went into his build. Already the car has been recognized by some of the bigger names in performance industry. MAVEN Performance, 417 Motorsports, Motion Raceworks and Precision Turbo Engineering to name a few. This weekend is fabbing the turbo downpipes and wastegate dump tubes. I am sooo glad i talked him into the bullhorns.Attachment 170422Attachment 170423Attachment 170424Attachment 170425Attachment 170426Attachment 170427Attachment 170428Attachment 170429Attachment 170430Attachment 170431

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ShopSurfer 05-19-2018 01:25 AM

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Rear mount radiator, fuel system goodies. Air tank and compressor for parachute launcher. Ice/Water tank for liquid to air intercooler. Etc etc...Attachment 170432Attachment 170433Attachment 170434Attachment 170435Attachment 170436Attachment 170437

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sonicss31 05-19-2018 05:28 AM

^^^^ Very nice work.:clappingsmile:rock

Rattlesnake Jake 05-19-2018 06:27 AM


Originally Posted by sonicss31 (Post 879164)
^^^^ Very nice work.:clappingsmile:rock

SHO NUFF is.. :rock:rock:rock

cfm 05-19-2018 07:00 AM


ShopSurfer 05-19-2018 07:59 AM

Hopefully the intercooler goodies show up today. Its gonna look insane. A big ol billet sandwich. Ill post as the progress continues!

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corey331 05-23-2018 07:06 AM

Very cool!!!!

ShopSurfer 05-30-2018 02:12 AM

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:ev1l danc BILLET TEASER :ev1l danc

I will post the pics sometime before June. I will just say i was amazed at the machine/fab work that went into the intercooler, lower intake and sheet metal upper. Some amazing work by 417 Motorsports, I believe this was their "prototype" sheet-metal upper intake that replaced the Holley High Ram upper. Possibly a prototype lower as well. I will have to get the scoop from my brother. Ill get the photos up soon :whiteflag

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ShopSurfer 05-31-2018 06:44 AM

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Here is a batch to start your day. I cannot get over how sweet this intake/intercooler setup is! For comparison, the fuel rails have -10AN fittings and hose while the A2W Intercooler uses -16AN. I dont want to know what the bill on fittings alone will be for his Nova :dunno The machine work that went into it is next to art, in my honest opinion. I love the tooling marks on the lower intake runnners and how they have a "melted" look to them where they meet the flanges. Let me know what ya think! The Intake billet lower, sheet-metal upper and billet A2W Intercooler is all from :uusaflag 417 Motorsports, out of Springfield, MO :uusaflag

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ShopSurfer 05-31-2018 06:48 AM

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Attachment 170721

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Rattlesnake Jake 05-31-2018 07:09 AM

W O W :clappingsmile:rock:clappingsmile

ShopSurfer 06-01-2018 03:17 PM

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sonicss31 06-02-2018 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by Rattlesnake Jake (Post 881419)
W O W :clappingsmile:rock:clappingsmile

I wonder if Artie is paying attention?:thinking-023: He might want to drop off a couple boxes of Porsche parts to get Annies car back together.:stirpot

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